Welcome to my Portfolio!

I'm a 20 y/o Software Developer, in my third (and final) year, studying a Bachelor of Information Techology Majoring in Software Development at Griffith University (Australia). I excel in web development, both in the front- and back-end implementations, although I'm looking to expand my horizons into desktop-based development too. I want to learn low-level frameworks like OpenGL and DirectX, and also engines like Unity to make my own desktop apps and games! You can check out my current projects below! I'm always working on new things I find interesting, or useful.

NPM Packages

MongoDB Multidriver

A wrapper of the MongoDB package for Node, that enables similar functionality to enmap without the in-memory storage.


Express Hotplate

A wrapper and launcher for Express and optional utilities, to hook boilerplate modules and code using a single module with options.


ConfigJS Loader

JSON config file loader, that loads JSON files and returns an object of the contents of the file(s) in a directory.


Encryption Stack

An encryption driver/stack to create a multi-layer encrypted workflow in Node.

Live Utilities

Server Status

A simple webpage displaying the status of all your configured servers and their associated services.


React Lists App

A simple lists app made in React, storing user's lists locally.


Link Shortener

A simple link shortener made in Express


File Sharer

A simple file-upload utility, to share files on the web. Can be configured with a password, to lock uploads to authorised users.

Other Projects

NodeJS Tree Search

Uses HTML5 canvas' to visualise the path a tree search algorithm takes when finding the path to it's destination node.


Thin jQuery

Inspired by the functionality provided by jQuery, a library that does basic DOM manipulation in a much smaller package.

Course Work

Python Wordladder

A word ladder utilising a search algorithm, finding the shortest path from one word to another changing a single letter at a time.


Reviews Website

A simple reviews website, where users can create items, manufacturers, categories, and create reviews on items.



A concept Minesweeper game, built on software design principles.